Trustlook Releases ADUPS Vulnerability Detector

Trustlook has released a new feature in its Trustlook Mobile Security app that identifies the
presence of rogue firmware from Shanghai ADUPS Technology Co. This potentially dangerous
firmware comes pre-installed on some Android phones, and can monitor text messages, phone
call histories, and details of how the phone is being used all without the user’s permission.

Until now, there was no easy way for users to check for this vulnerability. Only the most
technically sophisticated users could identify the threat by observing the network traffic. Now,
Trustlook is providing an easy-to-use, single-click ADUPS Vulnerability detector within the
Trustlook Mobile Security app.

The Trustlook Mobile Security app is available to download for free from Google Play. It
currently checks for all known versions of the ADUPS system apps that conduct aggressive
data collection, with more being added as they are discovered.

We have also created an infographic with more details on the ADUPS threat.

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