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New Trustlook Insights Report From Trustlook Research

Trustlook has recently conducted a survey report among 500 Android users about different insights for the security industry. “The survey, conducted by Trustlook Research, produced some rather interesting findings about smartphone user behavior,” said Joe Sullivan, head of marketing at Trustlook. “We were surprised to see so many users entering sensitive information into their devices, which Read More


Even Superman Couldn’t Save This Actress from Identity Theft

   Even the rich and famous aren’t immune to identity theft. The U.S federal government has been cracking down on crime rings of hackers. Many of these crime rings are based in Georgia and Virginia, where there are sophisticated operations involving criminals stealing innocent victims’ identities. Using these stolen identities, the crime rings then create Read More


Mobile App Collusion on the Rise

Every day, more and more low skilled criminals and cyber hackers are aiming for innovative ways to crack into your personal device. Beyond the traditional methods, such as fake emails or deploying viruses in websites, hackers are starting to make more bold moves in the name of illicit cyber-attacks. The newest trend for malicious attacks, Read More


The New Trustlook Technology Page

Trustlook is happy to announce our new revamped Technology page! Highlighting the sophisticated automation and technology behind our product, our new page shows how the Trustlook app provides the best security for your personal device.   Please let us know how you are liking the new page in the comments and let your friends know Read More

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Banking Malware at the Next Level with Fanta SDK

The ultimate deception for the 72% of users who do mobile banking Hackers for the Android platform have created new and elaborate tricks to gain access into a vulnerable smartphone. By controlling a device remotely and operating as the user, a hacker can change the password to a phone. The hacker then locks the device, Read More

Trustlook is a Red Herring Top 100 Finalist!

We have some really great news to report. We just learned that Trustlook has been chosen as a finalist for Red Herring’s Top 100 North America award, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the North American business region. Red Herring has done a thorough evaluation of our company over Read More


Spearphishing is on the Million Dollar Horizon

Hackers are getting more creative around the world. It only takes a split second for a hacker to infiltrate a server, a computer, or even a person’s personal information. The growing trend around the globe is hackers are bypassing traditional technology pathways of phishing and are headed to employees, untrained in the manipulative ways of Read More


21 Percent of Trustlook Users Are Victims of Identity Theft

Identity Theft continues to be a hot topic on consumers’ minds, according to a recent study from Trustlook Mobile Security, an innovator in next-generation mobile security solutions. The study, based on 438 responses to a survey sent to Trustlook’s user base in March 2016, revealed that a whopping 21 percent of the company’s user base Read More

Trustlook Launches SkyEye Malware Lookup Portal

Are you looking for information on the latest malicious mobile apps? If so, you are now in luck. Trustlook Mobile Security has just released a new tool that contains information on millions of apps. The tool provides an app summary, as well as a summary of the app’s behavior, from critical to normal. You also Read More