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8 Facts You Have to Know for the Safest Pokemon Hunt

It’s capturing the world by storm. People are leaving their homes in droves and abandoning their normal lives in an attempt to catch them all. It is a Pokémon renaissance happening in 2016.  In the early hours of the morning and the wee hours of the night, mass droves of people are heading to parks Read More

The Lie of “thunderous” speed – an Analysis of the Leidian OS and its Apps

– By Trustlook Research Team You thought you installed an accelarating tool, when in fact a backdoor has sneaked into your mobile phone. Leidian OS was recently promoted by the Qihoo 360 security tool. It claimed that if you flash Leidian OS into your mobile phone, the phone will run 30% faster and will save Read More

Analysis of Repackaged Applications from over One Thousand QQDownloaders in Global Android Marketplaces

  Authors: Jinjian ZHAI, Yang SONG, Mengmeng LI 100 miles north of San Francisco in the City of Ten Thousands Buddhas, a statue of Mercy Goddess with 1,000 hands has been worshipped since 1974. The 1,000 hands are used to save people separately. However, those hands are rooted from the same body. A series of Read More

“Reflections on Trusting Trust” – Some Thoughts on the XcodeGhost Incident

Authors: Tianfang Guo, Jinjian Zhai (Further reading about the XcodeGhost: the original story and detailed analysis) Reflections on Trusting Trust In 1984, Ken Thompson, “Father of Unix”, mentioned in his speech about the first compiler backdoor he once made, which allows him to login with “su” privilege into any Unix systems in the Bell lab Read More

Why GPS Location Leakage is not simply a malware problem: Flaws in legitimate apps continue to expose users to real time risks.

Authors: Jinjian Zhai, Tianfang Guo Nasir al-Wuhayshi had a bounty of 10 million USD issued by the US State Department in October 2014, and was killed in a US drone strike in the Hadhramaut Governorate of Yemen on 12 June 2015. Explaining the mystery of how al-Wuhayshi got pinned in a vast area of desert Read More

“The Clickers” – Zombie Malware that feed on the mobile ecosystem

Authors: Tianfang Guo, Jinjian Zhai; Special Thanks: Steven Chen Last week, Trustlook exposed the Facebook credential phishing malware “Cowboy Adventure”. In the article we pointed out that phishing is one kind of behavior that is difficult to detect via an automated technical approach. This may be one reason it sneaked by the Google Play Store’s Read More

Meet the Most Successful Malware on Google Play: Nearly 1M Users in 4 Months

Authors: Tianfang Guo, Jinjian Zhai How many users can a stealthy malware acquire after being published on Google Play? Hundreds? Thousands? We believe a new record has been established: 500k-1m downloads. This malware survived more than 4 months until the Trustlook research team uncovered it. The holder of this dubious honor is a malware called “Cowboy Adventure”. It is Read More

Android Ransomwares: The Escalated Battle

Authors: Tianfang Guo, Jinjian Zhai When talking about the cybercrime industry, “business model” is more important than the technology itself. According to Security Magazine Cybercrime is costing businesses more than $1,500 per employee annually. That’s a likely a drop in the bucket compared to how much ransomware pirates are extorting from business. Last year, we Read More

Privacy Defense Battle from Google Play Apps

Author: Tianfang Guo, Jinjian Zhai According to our recent scan of the Google Play Store, a list of more than 400 apps have been detected as containing potentially risky behaviors that compromise a user’s privacy. The Trustlook Mobile Security & Antivirus security database includes this latest list for your protection. The detailed analysis can be Read More