Top 10 Most Widespread Mobile App Viruses (6/19/2016 – 6/25/2016)

The following table contains the top 10 most widespread mobile app viruses discovered by Trustlook Mobile Security for the week of June 19, 2016 thru June 25, 2016. Virus Name # of Mobile Apps Containing the Virus Android.Trojan.Sendbox 108,060 Android.Trojan.Obad 28,949 Android.Malware.Downloader 5721 Android.Trojan.Ghostpush 5657 Android.Malware.Fakegupdt 4321 Android.Trojan.Hideicon 4154 Android.Trojan.Regdev 4060 Android.Trojan.Slocker 2816 Android.Trojan.Ztorg 2331 Android.Trojan.Triada Read More

Top 10 Most Widespread Mobile App Viruses (6/12/2016 – 6/18/2016)

The following table contains the top 10 most widespread mobile app viruses discovered by Trustlook Mobile Security for the week of June 12, 2016 thru June 18, 2016. Virus Name # of Mobile Apps Containing the Virus Android.Trojan.Kemoge 7086 Android.Malware.Downloader 5459 Android.Trojan.Ghostpush 4019 Android.Trojan.Hideicon 3750 Android.Malware.Fakegupdt 3141 Android.Trojan.Slocker 2811 Android.Trojan.Regdev 2406 Android.Trojan.Downloader 2045 Spr.Android.Secapk.C.Gen 1959 Android.Malware.Danpay Read More

Trustlook Integrates Adware Detection Feature

Just like malware, adware is becoming a significant problem for mobile users. Have you ever wondered how that mysterious icon ended up on your Android phone’s start screen? Or what about the annoying ads clogging your notification bar? You aren’t alone. Thousands of Android apps now include software that shoves marketing icons onto your phone’s Read More

Trustlook Featured in eMarketer Report

Like adults, children are increasingly connected to the digital world. And while parents are granting them usage of these devices, they also want features on there that they can control. According to December 2015 research from Trustlook, nearly two-thirds of parents in Canada, the UK and the US said they wanted a feature on their Read More

Baidu SDK Wormhole vulnerability analysis report. It’s like leaving your house key in the front door.

This article is an update to our previous report “The WormHole Vulnerability: The Number of Affected Apps is Increasing”. We will introduce more technical details about this vulnerability going forward. Apk version used: Baidu map 7.7.0 for Android The cause of the vulnerability: The Moplus SDK creates a local server for in- and cross- app Read More

Innovative Malware Survived 6 Months on Google Play

Authors: Tianfang Guo, Jinjian Zhai Days ago, Lukas Stefanko from ESET discovered a new Remote Access Tool (RAT), which was disguised as a music app, and uploaded to Google Play. Once a victim installed it, the RAT could be activated by a remote attacker’s command at any time, and complete a series of malicious behaviors, Read More

Trustlook Reaches 1 Million Users On Google Play

  Trustlook Inc., an innovator in next-generation mobile security solutions, today announced as of Dec 4th, 2014, it has over one million registered users in Google Play Store for its most popular Android application – Trustlook Antivirus & Mobile Security, demonstrating a leading advantage with its unique technology and comprehensive mobile security services. Shortly within one year, Trustlook has become Read More

Six month old Trustlook Ranked the Top Mobile Security Application By AVTest

This morning AVTest has published the August benchmark testing result and ranked Trustlook Antivirus one of the top mobile security product (5.5 for protection and 6 for usability).  In its security protecting testing, Trustlook AV successfully detected 99.24% malware/virus. As a six month old mobile security production it is pretty impressive, but we think we can do better in the future.    

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 5.41.59 PM

Trustlook in HeartBleeding

We know the Heartbleeding is going on crazy. As some of the mobile devices is also impacted.  In order to easy your scan and testing work. Here Trusltook Research team has released a tiny swiss army toolkit, Heartbleed Pulse in Google Play. The application is super easy to use, It contains three sections. At the first Read More