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Top 5 Scariest Malware for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Trustlook has compiled a colorful Halloween Android malware infographic. Based on a study of 376,031 malware samples in the month of October, we have identified the Top 5 Scariest Malware families, and offer a close-up look of actual malicious apps. Here is what is in the infographic: ▪ Descriptions of the Top 5 Read More


Oops! BadKernel Now Affects 100 Million, Not 30 Million

We reported last week that BadKernel, a flaw in the Google Chromium mobile browser framework that spreads as users click on malicious links, affects 30 million Android users. However, from our internal reporting over the past few days, it’s clear that the actual number is much higher. Our new estimate is that BadKernel now impacts 100 Read More

Trustlook Releases BadKernel Vulnerability Detector

An Updated Version (Version 3.5.10) of the Trustlook Mobile Security App Identifies the BadKernel Issue Affecting 30 Million Android Users Trustlook has released a new feature in its Trustlook Mobile Security app that detects BadKernel, the widespread vulnerability affecting millions of Android devices. First discovered in August 2016, BadKernel is a flaw in the Google Read More

Trustlook Discovers a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) Android Malware

High Risk Malware by Onespy collects data from popular apps The malicious app was detected by Trustlook as “Android.Trojan.Pathcall”, with a severity rating of  8/10 (High Risk). It disguises itself as a “System Settings” app to avoid being removed. The app starts as a service and is invisible to the user. The package can be Read More

Banking Trojan targets clients of Russian financial institutions

— Trustlook Research Team Trojans are pieces of software that appear as legitimate applications while exhibiting malicious behavior. Banking Trojans are specifically designed to steal a user’s online banking credentials. The research banking trojan package, discovered and detected by Trustlook, can be identified as having the following characteristics: MD5: d6d2427df4c03a7cc61c97b4eebdd655 SHA256: 1974c82877a3abdffa6f9246138a3819c2c543a9c904a753bea3663bd21d9239 Size: 577590 bytes Read More

Fake Adobe Flash App Evades Most Anti Virus Detection, Manipulates Phone by Command & Control Server in Latvia

— Trustlook Research Team Smartphones have been permeating into every corner of the world. After years of rapid growth, their popularity and usefulness reaches that of personal computers. Besides calling and texting, it is becoming more popular for people to do daily banking on their smartphone. With the computing capability, some traditional malware are shifting Read More

Analysis of Repackaged Applications from over One Thousand QQDownloaders in Global Android Marketplaces

  Authors: Jinjian ZHAI, Yang SONG, Mengmeng LI 100 miles north of San Francisco in the City of Ten Thousands Buddhas, a statue of Mercy Goddess with 1,000 hands has been worshipped since 1974. The 1,000 hands are used to save people separately. However, those hands are rooted from the same body. A series of Read More

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