Analysis of com.zqb.skater and Dropper/SMS behaviors

  — Trustlook Research Team Package name: com.zqb.skater md5: fbf041055829b571816af52761fcf23c Chinese name: 我的滑板鞋   The app appears to be a normal game after installation. Users can buy virtual products in the game. However in the background, it will collect information like IMEI, device ID and SMS. It’s common that apps send premium SMS to a Read More

Fake Adobe Flash App Evades Most Anti Virus Detection, Manipulates Phone by Command & Control Server in Latvia

— Trustlook Research Team Smartphones have been permeating into every corner of the world. After years of rapid growth, their popularity and usefulness reaches that of personal computers. Besides calling and texting, it is becoming more popular for people to do daily banking on their smartphone. With the computing capability, some traditional malware are shifting Read More


Spearphishing is on the Million Dollar Horizon

Hackers are getting more creative around the world. It only takes a split second for a hacker to infiltrate a server, a computer, or even a person’s personal information. The growing trend around the globe is hackers are bypassing traditional technology pathways of phishing and are headed to employees, untrained in the manipulative ways of Read More


Organized Crime using Rootkit – The analysis of the Triada malware

– Trustlook Research Team Trustlook Research Team recently researched a complicated malware which utilizes Rootkit SDK to facilitate malicious behaviors. MD5: 3B71DEBDE5F6A3E4D2E9321266DA76F7 Package name: fbkgofn.jpcebbe.mcdfpda.decjehi.kmnkgeg.kdgkohl The sample uses a popular root SDK (Root Genius, com.shuame.rootgenius.sdk) to root the user’s phone in order to get root privilege. It first checks if the phone has been rooted. Read More


21 Percent of Trustlook Users Are Victims of Identity Theft

Identity Theft continues to be a hot topic on consumers’ minds, according to a recent study from Trustlook Mobile Security, an innovator in next-generation mobile security solutions. The study, based on 438 responses to a survey sent to Trustlook’s user base in March 2016, revealed that a whopping 21 percent of the company’s user base Read More

Trustlook Protects 400M AirDroid and Solo Launcher Users

Trustlook has announced partnerships with leading mobile apps AirDroid and Solo Launcher. The Trustlook Mobile Security engine will be embedded within both apps, giving users the opportunity to benefit from Trustlook’s easy-to-use protection from malware and privacy threats. AirDroid is one of the top apps in the Tools category. The app enables users to access Read More

A Collection of Ads Behind Your Favorite Game App With More Than 6 Million Downloads

– By Trustlook Research Team A popular Chinese game with more than 6 million downloads secretly promotes other apps using a well-protected and widely used advertisement library. Package name: Chinese App name: 欢乐逗地主 Download count: 6,000,000+ Icon: Trustlook has discovered a serious adware intrusion within one of the most popular game apps in China. Read More

Trustlook Integrates Adware Detection Feature

Just like malware, adware is becoming a significant problem for mobile users. Have you ever wondered how that mysterious icon ended up on your Android phone’s start screen? Or what about the annoying ads clogging your notification bar? You aren’t alone. Thousands of Android apps now include software that shoves marketing icons onto your phone’s Read More

Trustlook Featured in eMarketer Report

Like adults, children are increasingly connected to the digital world. And while parents are granting them usage of these devices, they also want features on there that they can control. According to December 2015 research from Trustlook, nearly two-thirds of parents in Canada, the UK and the US said they wanted a feature on their Read More