Even Superman Couldn’t Save This Actress from Identity Theft

   Even the rich and famous aren’t immune to identity theft. The U.S federal government has been cracking down on crime rings of hackers. Many of these crime rings are based in Georgia and Virginia, where there are sophisticated operations involving criminals stealing innocent victims’ identities. Using these stolen identities, the crime rings then create Read More

Top 10 Most Popular Mobile App Viruses (6/12/2016 – 6/18/2016)

The following table contains the top 10 most popular mobile app viruses discovered by Trustlook Mobile Security for the week of June 12, 2016 thru June 18, 2016. Virus Name # of Mobile Apps Containing the Virus Android.Trojan.Kemoge 7086 Android.Malware.Downloader 5459 Android.Trojan.Ghostpush 4019 Android.Trojan.Hideicon 3750 Android.Malware.Fakegupdt 3141 Android.Trojan.Slocker 2811 Android.Trojan.Regdev 2406 Android.Trojan.Downloader 2045 Spr.Android.Secapk.C.Gen 1959 Android.Malware.Danpay Read More

Banking Trojan targets clients of Russian financial institutions

— Trustlook Research Team Trojans are pieces of software that appear as legitimate applications while exhibiting malicious behavior. Banking Trojans are specifically designed to steal a user’s online banking credentials. The research banking trojan package, discovered and detected by Trustlook, can be identified as having the following characteristics: MD5: d6d2427df4c03a7cc61c97b4eebdd655 SHA256: 1974c82877a3abdffa6f9246138a3819c2c543a9c904a753bea3663bd21d9239 Size: 577590 bytes Read More


Mobile App Collusion on the Rise

Every day, more and more low skilled criminals and cyber hackers are aiming for innovative ways to crack into your personal device. Beyond the traditional methods, such as fake emails or deploying viruses in websites, hackers are starting to make more bold moves in the name of illicit cyber-attacks. The newest trend for malicious attacks, Read More

Update: Android Ransomwares, The Escalated Battle

— Trustlook Research Team Malware packages are designed to download and execute files without user’s consent. In order to reduce the amount of data necessary for the download, the developer keeps the item a minimal size. Most developed malware have constrained operating systems and can only download specific files. The research package, discovered and detected Read More


The New Trustlook Technology Page

Trustlook is happy to announce our new revamped Technology page! Highlighting the sophisticated automation and technology behind our product, our new page shows how the Trustlook app provides the best security for your personal device.   Please let us know how you are liking the new page in the comments and let your friends know Read More

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Laptop and credit card

Banking Malware at the Next Level with Fanta SDK

The ultimate deception for the 72% of users who do mobile banking Hackers for the Android platform have created new and elaborate tricks to gain access into a vulnerable smartphone. By controlling a device remotely and operating as the user, a hacker can change the password to a phone. The hacker then locks the device, Read More

Trustlook is a Red Herring Top 100 Finalist!

We have some really great news to report. We just learned that Trustlook has been chosen as a finalist for Red Herring’s Top 100 North America award, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the North American business region. Red Herring has done a thorough evaluation of our company over Read More

Analysis of com.zqb.skater and Dropper/SMS behaviors

  — Trustlook Research Team Package name: com.zqb.skater md5: fbf041055829b571816af52761fcf23c Chinese name: 我的滑板鞋   The app appears to be a normal game after installation. Users can buy virtual products in the game. However in the background, it will collect information like IMEI, device ID and SMS. It’s common that apps send premium SMS to a Read More

Fake Adobe Flash App Evades Most Anti Virus Detection, Manipulates Phone by Command & Control Server in Latvia

— Trustlook Research Team Smartphones have been permeating into every corner of the world. After years of rapid growth, their popularity and usefulness reaches that of personal computers. Besides calling and texting, it is becoming more popular for people to do daily banking on their smartphone. With the computing capability, some traditional malware are shifting Read More