August 16, 2017

Is Your Ransomware Security Solution SAFE?

Is Your Ransomware Security Solution SAFE?

Ransomware security solutions claim to be many things. Some claim to  be fast. Some say they include artificial intelligence (AI). Some point  out their accuracy. And others try to illustrate their effectiveness.  But only one ransomware security solution can check all the boxes. Only  one is smart, accurate, fast, and effective. Only one is, shall we say,  SAFE. It’s Trustlook SECUREai Core Ransomware. Let’s look further.

It’s Smart
Trustlook’s proprietary AI engine is built on an advanced  machine learning foundation that is constantly improving. Millions of  data points have been analyzed to build this intelligent engine.

It’s Accurate
Trustlook’s ransomware detection rates are consistently over 99%, with extremely low false positives of less than 1%.

It’s Fast
Trustlook’s ransomware detection engine processes dozens of files per second, without weighing down the network.

It’s Effective
Trustlook blocks new ransomware threats before files and data  are encrypted. Threats are blocked in real-time, eliminating the cost  and disruption associated with tackling threats after they’ve already  penetrated the network.

Don’t settle for an average ransomware security solution. Ransomware  has been identified as the biggest cyber threat of 2017 by the U.S.  Department of Justice, and is expected to cost businesses and  individuals millions in the coming years.

Trustlook’s ransomware detection is built into its SECUREai Core platform. SECUREai Core provides an additional layer of protection for network appliance  makers and cloud service providers. To learn more about Trustlook’s  ransomware solution please visit