July 1, 2019

Newsletter: Trustlook Releases SECaaS Cloud Security Service Platform

Newsletter: Trustlook Releases SECaaS Cloud Security Service Platform

Trustlook has released the SECaaS - service platform, SECaaS is the Security as a Service cloud service. Trustlook has been working in the security industry for over five years, especially in the mobile and IoT fields, with more than 100 customers worldwide, and a number of product and service technologies.

The SECaaS service platform includes functions such as mobile virus detection, URL filtering, APK analysis, blockchain smart contract analysis, etc., and makes Trustlook's services available on demand via easy-to-use cloud API's. These API's are currently called nearly 10 billion times each month. Trustlook is positioned to allow security vendors, mobile developers, and security managers in enterprise to integrate security capabilities into their quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Free trials of all cloud security products are offered, including statistical usage data and full threat analysis reports.

SaaS cloud security is currently gaining momentum around the world. According to Businesswire, the global SECaaS service market will reach 15 billion US dollars in 2023. Its rapid deployment, ease of use and low cost are the main reasons for enterprise adoption. The Trustlook SECaaS platform is closely following cutting edge security industry trends and is committed to building a strong and secure cloud platform for global enterprise customers.

Trustlook SECaaS Platform Products

Malware Detection

AI-based malware scanning for mobile applications, Windows PE, and ransomware over a state-of-the-art cloud platform. Available on Android, Windows/Linux server, and embedded devices.

URL  Filtering

Billions of URLs categorized and covered by malicious content detection. Empower your developers to provide truly secure access. Try out our service online or with our SDK/Restful API.

APP Insight

Upload an Android APK file and receive a detailed breakdown within minutes. App Insight uses Trustlook's real device sandbox system to uncover hidden malicious behaviours.

Smart Contract Guardian

Decompile EVM bytecode into more human readable format, and inspect the bytecode for common vulnerabilities of smart contracts.

To learn more about the Trustlook SECaaS, go to: https://saas.trustlook.com/#/

Try the Trustlook SECaaS for free:https://www.trustlook.com/services.html

If you have suggestions and/or service needs, please contact: bd@trustlook.com