October 21, 2017

Trustlook at Qualcomm’s 5G Summit in Hong Kong

Trustlook at Qualcomm’s 5G Summit in Hong Kong

Trustlook was thrilled to be part of Qualcomm’s 5G Summit in Hong  Kong this week. We were excited to have a booth to show off our  innovative chip-level mobile security and token technology that is made  possible by using Qualcomm’s Haven Security Platform.

The 2017 Summit brought together global device manufacturers and  operators, along with software & hardware technology companies, to  strategize and discuss industry trends and technology developments. This  year, the event highlighted 5G, connectivity, IoT and the connected  world and so much more. Here is a very insightful report on the Top 9 Things at Qualcomm’s 5G Summit.


How Trustlook works with Qualcomm
Trustlook has integrated its SECUREai engine with the  Qualcomm Haven™ Security Platform on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835  mobile platform. Using power-efficient machine learning-based behavioral  analysis, the solution is designed to support enhanced device security  through real-time detection and classification of zero-day malware and  privacy violations.

The Qualcomm Haven Security Platform supports advanced hardware-based  security features such as fingerprint and iris authentication, device  attestation, and real-time device behavior monitoring. Trustlook’s  SECUREai is a suite of embeddable security engines that  identify advanced malware, detect device behavior anomalies, and  classify threats using proprietary AI technology. SECUREai  supports multiple platforms including Android, security gateways, IoT  devices, and currently powers products of leading mobile device makers  such as Huawei and Tecno Mobile, and numerous Android security apps.

The Trustlook solution on Qualcomm Haven Security Platform is  available to handset OEMs on the Snapdragon 835 mobile platform, and is  expected to be supported by additional Snapdragon SoCs later this year.