April 4, 2017

Trustlook Responds to Government Repeal of Broadband Privacy Rules

Trustlook Responds to Government Repeal of Broadband Privacy Rules

Last month’s proposal by the Trump administration to reverse the privacy regulations put in place by the Obama administration in October 2016 could lead to an increase in phishing attacks, according to cybersecurity company Trustlook.

The FCC rules would have given consumers greater control over what their internet service provider can do with their data by requiring those companies to get permission from customers before using their information to create targeted advertisements.

Under the regulation rollback, there are few limits on the ways ISPs will be allowed to interact with sensitive user data. That includes not just allowing providers to create marketing profiles based on the browsing history of their users, but also letting them deploy undetectable tools that track web traffic, too.

Trustlook CEO Allan Zhang shared this quote with ThreatPost:

“Our bigger concern is once this data is freely sold and traded, it is possible for bad actors to acquire this data and perpetrate personalized phishing attacks,” said Allan Zhang, co-founder and CEO of cybersecurity company Trustlook. He added, because apps such as AppFlash collect personal data legally and malware detectors don’t identify them, consumers will likely be oblivious to how their personal information is being collected and used.

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