July 28, 2017

Trustlook’s Ransomware Detection Demo Impresses at Black Hat

Trustlook’s Ransomware Detection Demo Impresses at Black Hat

San Jose, CA (July 28, 2017) — Trustlook, the leading provider of cyber security solutions powered by artificial intelligence, demonstrated its innovative ransomware detection technology to more than 100 show attendees at this week’s Black Hat security show in Las Vegas. Ransomware has been identified as the biggest cyber threat of 2017 by the U.S. Department of Justice, and is expected to cost businesses and individuals millions in the coming years.

Trustlook’s ransomware detection rates are consistently over 99%, with extremely low false positives. Trustlook’s proprietary AI engine learns and adapts in order to block new ransomware threats before files and data are encrypted. It processes dozens of files per second, without weighing down the network.

“Our goal is to stop ransomware before it becomes a problem,” said Allan Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Trustlook. “If files and data become encrypted, it’s usually too late to do anything.”

Trustlook’s ransomware detection is built into its SECUREai Core platform. SECUREai Core provides an additional layer of protection for network appliance makers and cloud service providers. Using industry-leading, artificial-intelligence powered scanning of traffic, files, and applications, Trustlook SECUREai Core protects against viruses, trojans, and spyware, in addition to ransomware. Threats are blocked in real-time, eliminating the cost and disruption associated with tackling threats after they’ve already penetrated the network.

“Artificial intelligence is a game changer for cyber security,” said Zhang. “It is nearly impossible for human researchers today to keep up with the rapidly changing threat landscape. Machine learning is the great equalizer to help the good guys stay ahead and take control.”

To learn more about Trustlook’s ransomware solution, or its security solutions for mobile devices and the IoT, please visit www.trustlook.com.